The YanPlan™

Simply put is a body redesigning program for the long term. Achieve extreme fat loss whilst maximising tone and definition.

The YanPlan™ in 5 steps!

  • Learn how to maximise weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is a plan not to be missed!
  • I will help you discover which foods help and which foods hinder your progress through a form of metabolic typing. This is done as part of your initial Consultation.
  • It's a 10 week plan which is designed specifically for you! You will receive daily support via email and new recipes regularly for you to try. You also get a weekly one to one session with myself at a time suitable to you, where i will go through a workout with you and evaluate your progress and make any modifications to your plan if necessary. Once you finish your plan you will be well equipped with the knowledge and know how to maintain your new look body and healthy lifestyle. I also provide follow up support to help keep you on track once you finish your plan, however this is not compulsory.
  • If you like food as was intended then a bite of my plan could help you achieve the body and healthy lifestyle you deserve!
  • I emphasise the workout last as its the least important part of the plan. 3x 7 minute of my own variation of high intensity training per week is all that is needed!

Sound too good to be true? i assure you it's not! I will help get you in the best shape of your life with minimal training and not a diet in sight, contact me today to arrange a no obligation consultation to determine your metabolic typing, discuss what your goals are and which foods you like and dislike.

Get your personalised YanPlan™ and the body you desire!

What you will get: A weekly skype/facetime/phone or one to one session :: Daily Exchange of individual specific requirements via email, facebook, or text for the full duration of the course :: Regular Recipes Sent Via Email :: 3 workouts a week lasting approx 7 minutes each.


Initial Consultation to ascertain each individuals requirements.


10 Week Plan

Tailored to your needs based on your consultation.


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Disclaimer! The workouts and all other health related activities including diet plan described by myself are to be used only as an adjunct to both health and fitness plans. These plans may not be suitable to everyone, all individuals who have any disease or medical condition should consult there own Doctor or Physician regarding any of the YanPlan route to fitness and diet. I am neither responsible for any harm or injury resulting from this program or the use of exercise described herein, all is done so at the persons own risk.

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