Amanda Brisbane's Testimonial

Amanda Before The YanPlan

I met Yan a couple of years ago through another of his clients, who had dropped dress sizes, but more importantly keeping it off with relative ease, she had in her own words haled her training week to 2 days said she had more free time for life and was losing body fat at a rapid rate ,this appealed as having never been a gym rat nor having the inclination to be one i was amazed to learn his fire philosophy of getting your own system to burn fat with very little, but high intensity workouts, mainly at home, and all on Skype, so here in Shropshire or in the u s a, we rarely miss our short sharp sessions! which suited me with heavy work commitments, so 15-20 mins twice weekly was the route, but food was as Yan put it 80% of the equation for most people trying to achieve their goals.

Amanda After The YanPlan

The food choices are vast and of which there were not really any i did not like. It was a re-hash of all food types put into a more productive order, again no big change here, in fact it was adding food not taking it away!!

In fact now i know how to light my fire and keep it lit always, and as Yan puts it, naughty foods are encouraged if the fire is lit, i.e. i eat 5-6 times, when i fancy a glass of red i have it, no sweet cravings at all ,it’s all about sugar balance (lower GI carbs) higher ones if i am on a more exertive work or workout day, at a size 14-16 two years ago down to my target of size 8-10 in 16 weeks only ,nearly two years on i easily maintain my much reduced size, weight and more importantly low body fat, oh yes and more energy than i know what to do with !!!!! Yan is the man with the plan!!