Andy Flavel's Testimonial

Andy Before The YanPlan Andy After The YanPlan

From first starting the food combining it appeared to me that this wasn’t a diet just a different way of eating. No small food portions and eating upto 5 times a day was more than my usual intake. Just by cutting out salt from my diet I lost up to 6 pounds in weight in less than a week. The training side is for 1 hour a week and that’s not all. Not 3 or 4 times and not at all hard work. The results are amazing by just doing very simple yoga moves has transformed my body to a 20 year old and now I am 36 and feel fitter now than ever.

Four years ago after falling from a roof and damaging my back badly I was unable to carry my golf clubs around a course and was subjected to using an electric trolley. Now after only six months I have lost 2 stones in weight and are back to carrying my clubs. I have never gained any weight since staring and gone to 26% body fat to 19%. My blood pressure was high and is now at the perfect level. My many thanks to YAN and all his help in this so simple way of training and eating..