Colin Dalton's Testimonial

Colin Before The YanPlan Colin After The YanPlan

I am a charted accountant with my own business employing 25 staff, married with 2 children.

I have trained with Yan for 4 years. When we first met I was 14 ½ stone, I was out of shape and felt very unhealthy. With the climb to my second floor office leaving me out of breathe. Often experiencing dizziness and fatigue. I’d been having problems with stress for 2 years and had been taking beta-blockers for some considerable time and drank far too much alcohol and ate junk food.

Having never been involved in food shopping or cooking I found The YanPlan fitted very well into my busy lifestyle. The eating side suits me because I have never counted calories, weighed food or counted points. I have been with Yan for 4 years, I am fitter than I have ever been and dropped 15% body fat and 2 ½ stone. I feel good about myself and have confidence in how I look. I stopped all my medication 2 months into my regime, I coped with stress at work and worked more efficiently. People still comment after 4 years and are amazed in the way I now look. My family have benefited also, it’s been a good example for everyone around me.