Gary Hawkin's Testimonial

Gary Before The YanPlan

In November 2004 at a weight of 22 stone I was persuaded by my business partner to meet Yan. At this junction in my life I felt fine and the thought of losing weight wasn’t really a concern

After an in-depth consultation and pre-med with Yan I thought I’d give it a go after Christmas. The reply was calmly if we do it now you will be ½ a stone lighter for Christmas. I thought no chance of that but why not. The following 18 months were to be a journey that has changed my life. I did lose the weight Yan promised and more.

Trudy After The YanPlan

The food plan had no sacrifices just different combinations and the education from Yan was unique in its simplicity.

After a life of drinking, binge eating and mental conditions all too much to mention. I have found 7 years on I am still 7 stone lighter with minimal training, only 2 work-outs a week and time to live and enjoy my free time, family and life…….easy when you know how.