Gemma Hodgkinson's Testimonial

Gemma Hodgkinson Before The YanPlan Gemma Hodgkinson After The YanPlan

I was referred to Yan by a friend. I saw drastic physical changes in her after moving back to Australia upon returning for a holiday to see family and friends.

The friend wasn’t the kind of girl to exercise but looked like she had put HOURS in at the gym.. When she told me she ate so much she ALWAYS felt full, I almost didn’t believe her.. until I found out for myself.

It was as easy as a Facebook message to contact Yan and turn my life around. I explained my current diet and exercise habits and he assured me in 10 weeks I would have the body I want, or get my money back. It sounded sooo good I couldn’t wait! I’d seen the before and after in my own friend and couldn’t wait to experience the glow and fantastic body she had.

Yan and I skyped from England to Australia weekly for one hour, for ten weeks. For 20 minutes we trained and for the remainder of the session we spoke about meal options for me for the next week. I added in one more session of 20 minutes training which gave me a grand total of 40 minutes of training per week. This together with Yans eating plan was all I needed to FINALLY look and feel how I had dreamed of all those years.