Laura Deasley's Testimonial

Laura Deasley

When my friend Suzanne told me about Yan and his amazing Plan I thought there was no way eating more often is going to help ME drop loads of weight. I was so cynical and sceptical as most people are.

BUT within a week of stuffing my face with salads and cayenne pepper and all that fiery metabolic kickstarting food, I noticed the flabby bits dropping away. It really is amazing how much you can eat and lose weight and get elongated and svelte. My six-rings started turning into a 6-pack (sort of!).

I love my wine and vodka and what I adore about the YanPlan is that you can still have that. The weekends I could have a few glasses/bottles, and then get back to 5 days of eating well and healthily and still lose weight.

It really is a revelation and it's brilliant to find something that you can sustain day in day out forever as it's not a faddy way of eating just good old fashioned nutritious planning.

Thanks Yan - I've gone from a buxom, curvy size 14 to a toned, honed size 10 (with 12 boobs!)