Lori Page's Testimonial

Gemma Hodgkinson Before The YanPlan

I wanted to learn more about eating a proper healthy diet and to improve my body without all the painstaking hours working out.

I wanted to achieve a balance in my life so that i wasn't spending hours in the gym, worrying about putting on pounds and whether what i was eating was right for me.

I learnt a lot about what the right diet for me was through Yan and what a decent eating routine should be, it has really opened my eyes. After just a couple of weeks I had lost weight and felt more energetic.

I thought changing my diet completely would be really difficulty for me but I really enjoy the meals I now eat. It also surprised me how much i ate but still i dropped excess weight (body fat). Yan sent me recipes weekly with new ideas on meals to try. A big thing for me is that my skin improved massively. Having a healthy diet has also reduced my cravings for sweet treats and junk food.

The exercise routines Yan taught where easy to learn and fit in well with my schedule. I was able to do them at home in a spare 20 minutes and I can see the results of my efforts.

What I have learnt from the YanPlan experience has been so invaluable to me and has helped improve the way I eat and think about exercise and food. This is not a fad diet it is a lifestyle and teaches you how truly important a balanced and nutritious diet really is.