Roger and Sue Abraham's Testimonials

Roger Abrahams Before The YanPlanRoger Abrahams Before The YanPlan

In 2005 I was 58 years old and I weighed just over 15 stone and had a serious sextuple heart by-pass operation, after the operation I weighed 12st 10lbs. I decided to have a new lifestyle and ban 10 foods including chips. Chocolate bars, cake, biscuits, cheese, crisps, puddings etc. By July 2010 having stuck religiously to my regime I weighed 14st 8lbs! My wife Sue was even heavier and she had done every diet going but no real success loose a stone put it on etc.

Sue decided that she needed help and through a friend we met Yan in July 2010, this was a no nonsense meeting he just said it how it was, that our current lifestyle was totally unacceptable and my regime of banning all these foods was really a waste of time.

It is now March 2011 I weigh 11st 12lbs, feel amazing and Sue has lost over 3 stone striding up hills and looks terrific.

We have now graduated to doing Yan’s exercises to tighten things up. He is extremely motivating and encouraging and has a wealth of knowledge about diet and fitness and tailors it to fit your individual need. I do recommend him to others but I tell them if you are not committed to changing your lifestyles then don’t waste his time!

Roger's Testimonial

Roger Abrahams After The YanPlan

I know everything there is to know about dieting and losing weight. I’ve been to Weight Watchers and Slimming World. I’ve done the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Mayo Clinic Diet, the Cambridge Diet and the Slimfast diet. I can tell you the calorific value of every food known to man. I’ve read Paul McKenna and Susan Hopkins and been hypnotised by their CDs and completed their food diaries religiously. I’ve joined numerous gyms, aquarobics classes, pilates classes and Walking for Health schemes.

And the result of all this, some 40 years after first going on a diet (when in reality I was the ideal weight for my height)?? I’m a whopping 4.5 stones overweight!

And then I meet Yan …..and his Plan! I’d decided I needed help when a cholesterol check revealed a level of 8.8 (ideally should be under 5) and I realised that it was four months to Christmas which was to be spent in Australia with our eldest son’s prospective in-laws who we’ve never met.

It turns out I know absolutely nothing about losing weight and even less about the working of the body! Yan has taught me to eat regularly to keep blood sugar level and so avoid cravings.

And the result of all this new found knowledge? Well with a week to go before we leave for Oz, I am 34lbs lighter and have a cholesterol level of 4.2. Best of all though is being in control of what I eat. I know that I will not “blow it” while I’m away and that having a pudding or the odd treat will not send me over the top. I know that I will lose the rest of my excess weight over the course of the next few months, I know that the YanPlan will be part of my life for ever.

I started The YanPlan in July 2010 and now 1 year on I am comfortably maintaining a size 12 from an 18, and over 3 stone lost and still dropping!!!

Sue's Testimonial

Sue Abrahams After The YanPlan