Roland Mannering's Testimonial

Roland Before The YanPlan

I had been trying to diet on and off for five years by starving myself and then ending up heavier than i started out. This got to be a vicious circle and i ended up getting very frustrated (and fatter). Then by chance I heard an interview on the David White show, BBC radio Cornwall with Yan Czerwinski, talking about “the YanPlan” The more I heard the more interested i became. I eventually contacted Yan and have begun a ten week plan. It turned out to be the best decision I have made this year. After speaking to Yan and being given a plan to follow I actually thought I would put weight on as it seemed i would be eating far to regularly, however in the space of four and a half weeks I have lost TWO STONE!!

Not only that but i have never really felt hungry in all that time as i am eating regularly, the difference being that I am eating the right things at the right time. What a relief it is to be able to eat and lose weight with no calorie counting either!!. This is not so much a diet as a change of the way to eat for life. I would heartily recommend anybody who has had difficulty with yo-yo dieting, starving themselves, calorie counting etc etc to give this plan a try, you will be glad you did, I (a thinner happier I) certainly am.