Steve Herring's Testimonial

Steve Before The YanPlan

Hi, my name is Steve, I am 59, a retired design engineer and live in Cambridgeshire with my partner.

I have struggled with my weight for more than 10 years although as a young man I was extremely slim with a 28” waist (weren’t we all then!) Due to the good life enjoying plenty of home cooking, wine and Bacardi & Cokes, my weight crept up to 14 stone 10 lbs with a size 38” waist. I became unconfident, bloated and less social able wearing the same boring old clothes like track suit bottoms and feeling unattractive.

I was introduced to the YanPlan through my partner’s cousin and wife after they had experienced fantastic results with Yan a couple of years ago (and which eating lifestyle they continue to enjoy and maintain). So we both decided to try it for ourselves and began our 10 weeks Skype mentoring course with Yan. In-between his invaluable support and assistance, we would daily send him a list of what we had eaten and when. We didn’t find it too difficult except the omission of salt and sugar came as a shock! – we were salt and chocolate/cake junkies. But we have managed, finding replacements for salt with fresh herbs and spices. Sweet cravings are now replaced with portions of sugar free jelly of a variety flavours and yummy yoghurt (Rachel’s). Yan kept encouraging us to eat the right food at the right time. No one believes we have to eat every 2 ½ hours to “keep the fire lit” as Yan keeps telling us.

Steve Before The YanPlan

During week 3 of our plan, we went to a very good George Michael tribute act at a local village event. Normally we would have been drinking copious amounts of wine while enjoying ourselves instead of which we realistically stuck to water – probably the only people in the marquee not having a drink! We couldn’t believe we were doing it but still enjoyed ourselves nevertheless. Now we can supp the odd small glass of RED wine over the weekend, if we want to, and still enjoy a visit to the local curry house. It’s just what we eat and when we eat it that has changed, but no big deal.

After 12 weeks I now weigh 12 stone 9 lbs (I have just got into several old but unworn pairs of 32” waist Levi jeans) and my (previously) high blood pressure would even be impressive for a young man half my age! My GP is very very pleased and when I am next due for an annual cholesterol check in March, I am sure we will both be even happier!

We would definitely recommend the Yan Plan to anybody. We are delighted. But remember, this is NOT a diet as such, but a PERMANENT way of eating.

Thanks Yan!!