The YanPlan

Light Your Metabolic Fire For Weight Loss!

Learn how to maximise weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle with just 15 minutes training per week! This is a plan not to be missed!

A promise, the YanPlan will not short change you which is what, unfortunately, most quick fix diets are and yield. I’m sure you have read magazines and the tabloids, a diet lighter than life itself. A diet from a city wrapped in rowing glory but usually losing out to Oxford. A diet encouraging great loss of a herbal nature to then sell on and bore your friends whilst trying to make some money from it. A high protein, high fat diet to really influence and encourage compacted and slow bowels then induce bad breath and loose friends!! Restrictive calorie diets, green days, blue days, blood type, yawn yawn, isn’t it time to enjoy and follow something that will keep you where you want to be for good.

I wasn’t born with the best genetics on the planet; I’ve trained the typical 6 days on 1 day off, 2 days on 1 day off, 1 day on 1 day off training regime, resulting in many injuries over the early years. This type of training after a period of time becomes forced and more comparable to a restricted diet. It all becomes very time consuming and boring for the majority.

How fantastic that 2 workouts a week is enough (I will explain the whole training approach in greater detail). This system will enable you to develop a tight, toned and aesthetic body or figure. If I can achieve at 50 years old sub 5% body fat and placing at a national level you can expect at the very least a body to grace any beach. All this without the best genetics needed. Technical it isn't, training for hours on end it isn't, non-productive diets it isn't.

Cementing the YanPlan Philosophies makes it possible to be in shape, balance and enjoy your food, not get bored with your training regimes but ultimately and more importantly to be able to live your life to the full. If you would like to read in greater depth about the philosophies behind the YanPlan please read this