Trudy Rowley's Testimonial

Trudy Before The YanPlan

Twelve months ago I was trapped. Encased in an overweight body, three stones of fat making me depressed, tired and full of aches and pains. Lacking in self confidence I wanted to hide away, too ashamed to be seen. I have had a weight problem on and off all of my life. A plump child, slim as a teenager then in my early 20’s the weight slowly but surely came back. I thought slimming clubs were the answer and they were for a while but I just couldn’t stick to it long enough. I was constantly hungry. So the weight I lost was back plus a little bit more. I was a “yoyo dieter”.

After I had my daughter 15 years ago I lost the weight then put it back on again. So I told myself, this is the way you are meant to be, get on with it. It was at this point I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and a heart murmur. Now I felt fat and unhealthy.

Trudy After The YanPlan

Today I am 3 stone lighter and feel fantastic, shrinking from 92K and a size 20/22 to 72k and a size 12/14. I feel fit and healthy and 20 years younger. My confidence is returning and with it a new zest for life. I walk twice a day, swim, play badminton and practice yoga under Yan’s guidance. I eat more than a have ever done, 5-7 meals a day in fact. I am never hungry or bored of the food plan. My aches and pains have gone and my cholesterol has reduced greatly. But best of all, I can go into any clothes shop and buy what I like rather than what fits. Clothes are a joy as opposed to a source of misery.

If only I had found Yan 20 years ago. I would have saved myself a lot of heartache. It took me 6 weeks to pluck up the courage to phone him but I needn’t of worried. From day one, I have felt comfortable and at ease in his company, which to me is very important. Yan always has a sensible solution to any problem, whether it’s a food, exercise or health query and a positive and uplifting attitude.

At last I have escaped from “fat prison” thanks to Yan