Val Johnson's Testimonial

I first started working with Yan at the beginning of April, when I told him that, ideally, I wanted to lose two stone in weight before my twin daughters came home from Dubai for their birthdays in July. I had recently visited them and on looking at the photos decided that I was overweight, fat and frumpy! My aim was to lose weight and tone up – without telling them – so that when they arrived home they would see a ‘new’ me!

Val Johnson Before The YanPlan

My concern was that they would be home for the 14th July – just 12 weeks away – and to lose two stone in that time, well, I’d done loads of diets (a serial dieter) over the years, and NEVER had that sort of weight loss. And, as any serial dieter will tell you ‘a diet to give you a maintainable weight loss should be about 1 to 1 ½ lbs per week’. So theoretically I should be looking at losing 12 to 18lbs, not the 28lbs that I wanted to lose..

Having voiced these long held beliefs to Yan he just looked at me and said ‘You want to lose two stone in 12 weeks, you can do that, no problem!’ And I believed him. We went through my food likes and dislikes (not many of those) and, basically, he told me that although what I was eating was good, I wasn’t eating in the right way! By that he meant at the right times. Also, rather obviously, if I wanted to get a really good result then I needed to cut out the ‘rubbish’ carbs – you know the ones, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, all the ones that we turn to when we need a ‘quick’ fix, when no-one is looking because that doesn’t count. We’ve all done it, all us serial dieters.

Yan was absolutely straight with me, ‘you get out of this what you put in, if you want maximum results, you need to put maximum effort in’, but still no exercise! All I had to do was to eat six times a day. Was he kidding? Absolutely not – eat six times a day, every 2 ½ hours approx. Do you know if someone had told me years ago that to lose weight all I had to do was to eat more then I’d never have had a weight problem.

Following Yan’s recommendations I started on the YanPlan. Every day I noted EVERYTHING that I ate and drank, and created my own food diary on the computer that I emailed to Yan every day, just to check that I was making the right food choices, not going off course etc. My weight loss was dramatic, but not nearly as dramatic as my body fat percentage, which, when I started was close to 40%, which is quite seriously high for a female and could possibly lead to heart problems if not addressed. Within three weeks my body fat percentage had dropped by nearly 10%, within 10 weeks I was within 4lbs of my goal, and, quite amazingly, my body fat had dropped to 20.5%, well below the ‘average’ for a person of my height, age, etc. By the time my daughters arrived home I had hit my target of two stone weight loss! They were absolutely amazed by the change in me, I felt brilliant, and I’ve dropped dress size from a 14/16 to a size 10 – how good does that feel?

Val Johnson After The YanPlan

When I started the YanPlan I took my body measurements – during the first 10 weeks I lost 2 ½” from my bust (and this was not a problem, most of it was from my back – you know where I mean), my waist had reduced by 5”, my hips by 4 ½” (my old jeans just fall off – literally), 3” off EACH thigh (and we just know how that feels – I had an old pair of cords that I used to wear YEARS ago which, when I started, I couldn’t get any higher than half way up my thighs, now I wear them!), but I’ve also lost an AMAZING 6” from my stomach. So to anyone who wants to do the YanPlan, MEASURE first, the tape doesn’t lie!

All I can say is a huge THANK YOU to Yan, he’s shown me that to lose weight you don’t have to miss out meals, you NEED to eat regularly, you NEED to ‘keep that fire burning’, by doing it right you increase your energy levels and also sleep better. This is NOT a diet, it is a sensible way of eating, if you want to lose weight then you reduce the stuff that makes you fat, you can still have potatoes, and pasta, and sauces, but at the right time of day. And when you’ve reached your goal you reintroduce foods to reach a maintenance level.

And yes, I do now exercise. Twice a week, for twenty minutes a time. It tones up the places where I want to tone, and, quite honestly, twenty minutes is really no time at all. When it comes to being healthy and looking good, eating six times a day and exercising for twenty minutes every three to four days is no real hardship.

The YanPlan is BRILLIANT, and NOTHING tastes as good as slipping into a pair of size 10 jeans feels. Thanks Yan. xx