Take a look at some of the stunning transformations my clients have acheived. My clientel spans across the globe, whether I’m mentoring a 14 time world champion Kick boxer or a professional housewife, the support and guidance is of an equal. I pride myself on clients attaining their individual long term goals with reverence. Anyone anywhere can get a personalised plan and start transforming their body and shredding fat today! Click on the images for more information and testimonials.

Disclaimer! The workouts and all other health related activities including diet plan described by myself are to be used only as an adjunct to both health and fitness plans. These plans may not be suitable to everyone, all individuals who have any disease or medical condition should consult there own Doctor or Physician regarding any of the YanPlan route to fitness and diet. I am neither responsible for any harm or injury resulting from this program or the use of exercise described herein, all is done so at the persons own risk.

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