Yan Czerwinski

The man behind the The YanPlan™

So who is this magic-man that claims to be able to give me the perfect body without dieting or exercising till I vomit? And why should I believe what he says? We’re confident a quick biography for Yan should help clear things up…


"Being ranked in the top 10 in Europe for 30 years, and winning both the Natural drug free Mr Great Britain and Mr UK I think has entitled me the knowledge of how to get anyone in shape."

Yan Czerwinski - Personal Trainer
Yan Through The Years
Yan with Actress Natalie Gumede
Yan Enjoying The Finer Things In Life
Yan with Mentor
Yan Socialising with friends and family

Competing is fine, stoping to live life is finer...

As the photos demonstrate, Yan knows a thing or two about burning fat and building muscle as well as stopping to live life to the fullest. Yan has always had a passion for fitness, and aspired to be well above average when it came to his health and physique. He first started competing as a natural body-builder (no steroids) in the mid 80s, became a fully qualified personal trainer by 1984, and was running his first gym by 1988.

Despite not being born with the best ‘genetics’ (his words), Yan was determined to get the most from what he did have. Like most young guys in the 80s, Yan went straight into the heavy training with little respect for form or technique, silently laying down the foundations for an inevitable injury. Before too long, he’d hurt his back, but continued to train around it for as long as he could, albeit at a lower frequency. During this period, it slowly dawned on him that by giving his body more rest, he was actually getting better tone and strength than before, and was still burning serious fat.


Yan started experimenting with different exercise regimes, and even dared to only work out every other day (much to the amusement of his fellow trainers!). But Yan was continuing to burn fat, build muscle and increase strength and fitness faster than ever. His gym buddies lived for the daily workout, but Yan was discovering that he could still get results without wasting hours in the gym.

Over the years that followed, Yan continued to defy convention, training increasingly less, giving his body much more time to recover, and yet still maintaining his top ten national ranking with the NPA (Natural Physique Association). The other competitors hit the gym every day without fail – Yan was only training every four days. The other competitors were getting fed up with working out – Yan still enjoyed it. The other competitors had little spare time beyond the gym – Yan had lots of time for friends and family. Talking of family Yan's wife Amanda has maintained an 8 from a 12 for the last 8 years with only one workout a week.. its all in the food, and she loves her food!

Building a Philosophy

The discovery that a more sporadic exercise regime, if done properly, still delivered great results had set the wheels in motion, which would eventually led Yan to his revolutionary plan for body success. The philosophy behind his plan is incredibly unconventional in the ‘all or nothing’ world of health and fitness, but it’s a philosophy that will strike a chord with the majority of average people out there. ‘Let’s do the bare minimum we have to, to get the results we’re after!’.

By the 90s, Yan was managing two corporate gym facilities with hundreds of members and a strong client base. He was working with Central TV and Pebble-Mill studios in Birmingham, where he trained people from all areas of the entertainment business, from stars of the small and big screens, to musicians and singers. It was an incredibly busy period, during which Yan continued to hone and refine his unconventional ‘plan’.

Demand for Personal Trainers

As demand for Personal Training boomed, Yan was being increasingly approached by clients with busy work schedules and social lives. These people wanted to burn fat and get in shape, but didn't have the time to spend hours working out. So Yan modified his low frequency exercise regime, and combined it with the eating habits typically associated with natural body-building, to form his own distinctive training regime for these clients. The results were incredible – just like Yan, all of his clients were able to work out less frequently, and yet still get the results they were after. Not surprisingly, demand for Yan’s Personal Training skills continued to increase, with more and more clients benefiting from his unique brand of eating and exercising.

There is no substitute for building on experience, and learning from your victories and mistakes, which is precisely how Yan has always worked. The YanPlan™ was born from this organic process over many years, eventually forming the simple yet comprehensive guide you’re reading right now. Exercise and diet fads will come and go, but tried-and-tested plans, like Yan’s, will always stand the test of time for one simple reason – they work!

Read The YanPlan™, and learn the basics that you’ll need to get your YanPlan™ started. It really is as simple as it sounds…

Disclaimer! The workouts and all other health related activities including diet plan described by myself are to be used only as an adjunct to both health and fitness plans. These plans may not be suitable to everyone, all individuals who have any disease or medical condition should consult there own Doctor or Physician regarding any of the YanPlan™ route to fitness and diet. I am neither responsible for any harm or injury resulting from this program or the use of exercise described herein, all is done so at the persons own risk.

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